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2018 Meet Schedule AND email info

Hello!  I hope all of you and your swimmers are having a great start to the new school year and are making it through Hurricane Irma with as little disruption as possible.

The Gwinnett County Swim League Board changed some things this year and surprisingly enough, they sent out the meet schedule for next year today.  While I don't know what teams or home...   more

Teen(13+) Tubing Trip

Hey Stingrays! 

As of right now, I have the following 13&ups on my list for tubing. If you are not on this list, I do not know you're coming and cannot promise transportation for you. Email me ASAP at if this any changes need to be made. Otherwise, I will see you all at 7:45 AM in the Steeplechase parking lot! 

  1. Nicholas...   more
Banquet, Trophies, and Volunteer Deposit Checks

This should be my final email for this season.  Thanks to everyone for the fun banquet last week.  Special thanks to all the volunteers who showed up early to decorate and everyone who stayed to clean up.  We truly have a great group of families on our team!

If you were not at the banquet and haven't heard yet, all swimmer awards (trophies and ribbons)...   more

Teen Tubing

Hey Stingrays! 

I know you thought the season was over, but for the 13 & ups we still have our tubing event this Tuesday, July 18

If you have not RSVP'd, you must do so here by tomorrow morning at the latest:

If your swimmer is not listed on that RSVP page, I will not know they're...   more

Banquet Tuesday night

Well, with the excitement of Independence Day, cookouts, fireworks, and then the County meet, our end of season banquet almost slipped my mind.  Luckily, a couple of others have been working hard on pulling it together!  We will be at First Baptist Duluth this year, in the Family Life Center at 6:30.  The church address is 2908 Hwy 120, Duluth.  After you...   more

Last Minute County Details & Updates


Hey Stingrays! 

The big weekend is here! I can't wait to watch a weekend of great swims! Here are a couple of last minute reminders and details that you should remember: 

There is some resurfacing scheduled for I-85 this weekend. Expect traffic to be bad or at least check traffic apps and leave in plenty of time to get...   more

For ALL Stingrays - End of Season Events

Hey Stingrays! 

This email contains information that is applicable to ALL Stingrays, not just County qualifiers!


This event is open to ALL Stingrays. We will be supporting and sending our county qualifiers off with a pasta lunch, poster-decorating, and nail-painting!...   more

Important for County Meet Qualifiers: Meet Logistics

Hey Stingrays! 

Here is the email with your arrival times, logistics, what to bring, etc for the County Meet. All this info is very important, so please mark this in your inbox for easy reference.  


VENUE: Georgia Tech Campus Recreation Center (McAuley Aquatic Center)
ADDRESS750 Ferst Dr, Atlanta,...   more

Final Top 50 and County Practice Notes

Hey Stingrays! 

We DO have practice tomorrow (7/3) at Steeplechase if you can make it. These practices are now for the Top 50 finalists and for relay participants only. We have practice Monday (7/3), Wednesday (7/5), and Thursday (7/6). 

Important Notes:
1. Thursday (7/6) we will be at Jefferson Station for block/relay...   more


Hey Stingrays, 

As Coach Danielle said in the previous email the weather was against us tomorrow so she decided to cancel the field day. INSTEAD, we are going to be bowling at the Lawrenceville Stars and Strikes. We will be doing this during practice time starting at 10:00AM. It will be $9.99 per bowler and you will be able to bowl for an hour and will have unlimited...   more

Field Day Change of Plans

Hey Stingrays!

I have held out hoping that this forecast would change in our favor, but unfortunately it is supposed to be thunderstorming tonight into tomorrow, and especially for the time during which we had planned Field Day. The nature of Field Day had us outside in an open field, and I really don't have another space that we could use that would be big enough...   more

Swim Team Banquet

I must admit it's a little weird that it is Wednesday night and I haven't checked the weather forecast for tomorrow at all! Having a free Thursday is a much welcome break.

First of all, my apologies to Beth Wilson. I meant to go back and check to see if Beth or Ryan timed at Monday's meet and I sent the email before I remembered to make the change.  Thanks...   more

Final County Relays / Practices

Hey Stingrays! 


Great meet last night! I saw so many shaking hands, fast swims, and a lot of fun. You guys make me so proud to be a Stingray!

Shout out to all the parents that participated in the parent relays and were flexible and ROCKED IT: Sean Dickey, Dean Farber, Casey Dunn, Ed Bulluck, Ramona Sandro, Tan Nguyen, Ryan Leo, Michael...   more

County Relays 2017
Edgewater results

Congratulations on a great season!  Unfortunately, we came up a little short score-wise in trying to beat Edgewater but it really was a close meet (results are attached).  The good news is we had a lot of swimmers drop times.

Thanks to the following for working though not on the schedule: XXX Wilson for first half timing, Kent Lorenz for second half timing,...   more

Edgewater Results
State Meet Qualifiers

Hey Stingrays,

Yesterday was the qualifier for the Gwinnett Parks and Rec state team and boy did we do incredible! There was so much that happened yesterday that I was literally jumping at each of our swimmers' finishes. To give you a taste of why I was so excited: We finished first, second, and third in the 11-12 boys Backstroke, first and second in the 15-18 girls...   more

Monday night at Edgewater

Hard to believe but our last regular meet for this season is Monday night against the Edgewater Lightning.  The pool address is 2300 Ashbourne Drive, Lawrenceville.  From Steeple Chase, turn left on Sever and then left on Tab Roberts.  Turn left on Lawrenceville-Suwanee and then right on Taylor Rd.  Turn left on Collins Hill and then right on Ashbourne...   more

Edgewater Jobs
Monday's Meet Parent Relays CONFIRMED

Hey Stingrays! 

Sorry about the double email, but I got confirmation right after I sent that last email that Edgewater is stoked to put together some parent/alumni relays! 

Parents, if you would like to participate in the parent relays on Monday night, shoot me an email today or tomorrow with your name and the strokes you can do! Parent Relays round 2!...   more

End of the Season // County Info // Field Day & County Fun

Hey Stingrays! 

This email has a lot of very important information. I have headers in bold, so please read every part that is applicable to you and your swimmer. The salmon highlights are sections and the gold highlights are facets of that section. As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. 


MONDAY...   more

Youth Swimming Results

Thanks for hanging out in the rain last night!  It was great to get this meet in so that we have a break before Monday night.  Special thanks to a few folks who weren't on the schedule but jumped in to help - Melissa Zornes, Ana Holden, Kelly Ruiz and Derby Pyronneau for finding kids and helping out in staging.  Let me reiterate the thanks to all the parents...   more

Youth Swimming results
Our Eternal Gratitude


We would like to take a second and thank each one of you for coming and staying through the past two, less than stellar, meets. They have been a rough pair of nights and luckily this one turned out better than our last.

We are so grateful that we have y'all as parents on this team. The past two weeks, our friendly opponents have been plagued by swimmers...   more

Current Top 75 and 50th Place Standard

Hey Stingrays,

I looked through the most recent top 75 posting and here is where all of our swimmers are currently ranked. The red are the events of those who are not yet in county, but if they drop time tonight or on Monday might find themselves in the top 50. The orange are the events of those who are in the top 50, but could be at risk of falling out of the top 50...   more

50th Place Standard
Top 75 on 6-21-17
Youth Swimming Jobs and Info

Our meet this Thursday is against Youth Swimming at the Meadow Trace Subdivision pool.  The address is 1575 Riverside Parkway.  From the Steeple Chase pool, turn left on Sever and then left on Hwy 120.  Turn left on Riverside Pkwy.  The pool is right across from McKendree Elementary.  Parking in the lot is very limited.  You can park at the school,...   more

Youth Swimming jobs
Stingrays in the Top 75 as of 6-19-17

Hey Stingrays,

I looked through the weekly results that the county has posted and put everyone in the top 75 into a spreadsheet. There are still 14 teams making up 7 meets tonight from our storms last week so there are still results to get in to get all teams on the same page, but here is where we are now.

The red cells are the events of those that are not currently...   more

Top 75 on 6-19-17
County Swim Apparel

It's time to order County Swim apparel if you are interested.  Please remember that we take a relay team for each age group and the top 50 swimmers across the county for each stroke go to county.  You can see an updated list of the top 75 at  County apparel orders AND money are due to me Thursday evening at the half way point...   more

Thursday and Monday Meet Absences

Hey Stingrays! 

Can you believe it? We have only 2 meets left in the regular season. It's gone by way too fast, but isn't over yet! Here is my list of people that will NOT be here for this coming week's meet or the last meet, respectively:

Thursday Absences (6/22)
Alex Harris, Riley Harris, Adagia Leo, Sara Moeller, Anna Kate Moeller, Ella...   more

Richland Results

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  There is no way for me to adequately express my appreciation to all the parents and swimmers who made tonight's meet a success.  Every parent there chipped in cheerfully and with smiles.    Make up meets can be difficult but this team made it look easy.  Thanks to swimmers Elizabeth King, Nicholas Kruegler, Andrew...   more

Richland Results
Richland meet tonight

We will have our meet with Richland tonight.  We will be missing a lot of volunteers so thanks in advance for your flexibility tonight to get this meet in and make sure all of our volunteer spots are covered.  I've attached an updated work schedule.  To those of you who are working multiple shifts, a huge thank you!  If your name is listed and you are...   more

Richland Makeup
Plan B

Hey Stingrays! 
Thank you so much for bearing with us tonight through the storm! It's still thundering, so we made the right call in calling it off for the night. We appreciate your patience. Here's what our new situation is:

Organized Fun Friday. If you were set to bring donuts and/or juice, you will still bring them. It will be a fun...   more

Richland Meet Tomorrow!

Hey Stingrays!

Our fourth meet of the season is upon us! We are going against the Richland Waves tomorrow night, and as it is our last home meet of the season, there's a lot going on. Here's what you need to know: 

Our warm-ups are from 5:00 - 5:25 PM tomorrow night. Please arrive by 4:45 PM. 

Remember,...   more

Richland Jobs

Here's the job chart for Thursday's meet.  Sorry I left it off the earlier email.  Also, we will do Senior Recognition before the meet.  


...   more

Richland Jobs
Rivermoore Results and Richland job

Attached are the meet results for last night's meet against Rivermoore Park.  Unfortunately, we didn't win, but we did see a lot of swimmers dropping time.  Thanks to all the parent volunteers and special shout outs to Jon Lovejoy and Melanie Fleury who did multiple jobs last night.  Thanks to Klarissa Reese, Renton Reese and Danielle Butera for...   more

Rivermoore Park results
Rivermoore park jobs updated

Happy Sunday!  We needed to rearrange a lot of the jobs for tomorrow's night meet due to vacation changes and the fact that Rivermoore has six lanes.  Please review the attached chart, even if you had a job previously.  We have added people, taken people off and moved people and I can't guarantee I didn't make a mistake but hopefully this one will...   more

Rivermoore Park Jobs 2nd try
Meet Absences - Monday & Thursday

Hey Stingrays! 

We have to seed both meets pretty early this week, and these are the absences I currently have down for the next two meets:

Carson McAfee, Landon Zornes, August Zornes, Brandon Randall, Ryleigh Wilson, Ella Wilson, Brianna McDaniel, Sara Moeller, Anna Kate Moeller, Alex Harris, Erika Beam, Leanne Czerwonky, Danielle Nauert,...   more

Village of Hope for Monday

Sorry  forgot this important piece for Monday night.  We will collect canned meals Monday night.  Examples are Spaghetii-os, Beefaroni, Ravioli, tuna, etc.  if possible, look for the ones with pop top lids.  Please remember that these are going to feed over 400 hungry children in our area.  Your support is much needed and greatly appreciated. ...   more

Rivermoore Park Monday night and other info

This email is brought to you by team sponsor Lori Curl and Metro Brokers.  We appreciate their support!

Meet Info

We are hosting Rivermoore Park Monday night but are swimming at Rivermoore Park.  The pool address is 4720 Meadow Park Lane, Suwanee, 30024.  Directions from Steeple Chase are turn right on Sever and then left on Old Peachtree.  Turn...   more

Rivermoore Park Jobs
Double Meet Week 2017

Hey Stingrays! 

Congratulations on a solid win against Maple Ridge! Next we’re going into a crazy fun week of two meets! You'll be getting quite a few emails from me this weekend, so I apologize in advance. Lots to coordinate!
Here’s what’s going on next week: 

MONDAY MORNING (6/12) - Normal Monday practice times & pools.

MONDAY...   more

Maple Ridge Results

Congratulations on an awesome meet, Stingrays!  Meet results are attached.

Thanks to all the volunteers, parents and swimmers for a smooth meet last night.  I'd like to extend a special thanks to Board Members Kent Lorenz and Meg Lovejoy for filling in while I was out. Your help is much appreciated!

As you all know, we have another meet Monday...   more

Maple Ridge results
Maple Ridge Meet & More!

Hey Stingrays! 

Tomorrow night we have our second meet of the season and the beginning of our 3-meet week (Crazy, I know!). As a reminder, the groups switch pools and times are different for Thursday morning practices!
Here's what you need to know for the meet:

WHEN TO BE AT MAPLE RIDGE – Since we are visitors, our warm-ups are at...   more

Maple Ridge meet

I've gotten a few emails about what time to be at Maple Ridge tomorrow night.  We are the visiting team so our warm-ups will start at 5:30.  This means swimmers should be in the bullpen by 5:15 so they can get their chairs, blankets, and stuff situated before warm ups start.  

Another reminder to bring bug spray!

Parents, please remind your swimmers...   more

June 8 meet at Maple Ridge

Thursday starts a busy week for the Stingrays with three meets in eight days.  Please make sure you are reading all team emails and responding quickly if necessary.

Our meet this Thursday is an away meet at Maple Ridge.  Their pool address is 1438 Dunsford Circle, Suwanee 30024 .Directions from the Steeple Chase pool are turn right onto Sever Rd.  Turn...   more

Maple Ridge meet jobs
Meet Absences for this Thursday's Meet

Hey Stingrays! 

This Thursday we have our meet against Maple Ridge. I want to make sure I have all the absences from vacation forms in check so that we seed the meet with no one left out or included and taking up spots that we could use for other swimmers. Listed here are the swimmers that I have down as NOT being at the meet this week (6/8): 

Laura...   more

Meet Results - Berkshire

Congratulations on a great meet last night, Stingrays!  The meet results are attached.

I wanted to send out a special thanks to Jon Lovejoy for fixing a safety issue with the playground equipment and to Kent Lorenz for taking care of an ant and bee issue in our visitor's bullpen.  Thanks to Christina Tosaki and Nickie Sears-Schroeder for taking on extra...   more

Bershire 060117 results
Meet #1!

Hey Stingrays!
Get excited, our first dual meet of the season is upon us! We are up against the Berkshire Barracudas. Here are a couple of things to know going into "Swim Meet Thursday". 

1. THURSDAY PRACTICE SCHEDULE - remember that on Thursday mornings we switch pools and the practice schedule is a little different because it's a meet day! Stay...   more

Info for June 1 meet

This message brought to you by team sponsor Kerry Kruegler Photography (Team Mom Kerry Kruegler).  Be sure to order and pay for your swim team "year"book and/or poster by Monday, June 12th.  That night is our home but away meet with Rivermoore.  The costs are :  Book - $55; Poster - $40; Both - $90/  Each "year"book includes a page...   more

photo info
Meet this Thursday

We have a meet this Thursday (June 1st) at home against the Berkshire Manor Barracudas. Please be welcoming and gracious to our visitors and please remind your swimmers to display good sportsmanship.   

The meet will start at 6:00 pm  We will have team pictures with individual pictures starting at 4:00 and the team picture taken at...   more

June 1 meet jobs
Welcome to morning practices!

Hey Stingrays! 

Firstly, thank you all so much for a successful (and quick!) practice meet last night! It was definitely a good experience to have as we move into our competitive season next week and ramp up for the rest of the season. A special thank you to all our parent volunteers. Without you, these meets really could not happen.

We are moving into our...   more

Practice meet results

Thanks to all for a successful practice meet.  Results are attached. 

A special thank you to Coach Kelsey Julian for coming back to help our coaching staff out tonight.

The Swim Team Board also appreciates all those who stayed to help straighten out the shed! This will make it much easier to prepare for future meets.  

Be on the look out for an...   more

Practice Meet Results 052517
Practice Meet Information

Hey Stingrays! 

Tomorrow night (5/25) is our practice meet. Here are all the details you need to know for it:


All @ Steeplechase Pool:

  • 8:00 - 8:45 -- 13 & Up
  • 8:45 - 9:30 — 9-12
  • 9:30 - 10:00 --  8 and unders + returning 6 & unders
  • 10:00 - 10:30 —...   more
Jobs and info for practice meet Thursday

Happy rainy Tuesday night!  Another email will go out tomorrow about what to expect at our practice Thursday but I wanted to share a few things. 

I've attached the job assignments for Thursday night.  Please let Meg Lovejoy know ASAP if you have a conflict.  Please remember that these assignments may have change a little based on who shows up...   more

Practice Meet Final
Stroke and Turn Judges needed - last training Tuesday night

Our team needs more judges in order to have enough judges to work the meets this season.  The last training is Tuesday night and is online - no need to go out in the storm to get trained! The class lasts for 2 1/2 hours and is valid for three years. Instructions for taking the online class are attached.   Please let me know as soon as possible...   more

2017 GCSL Official Training
NO PRACTICE TODAY / Rain Policy Reminder

Hey Stingrays! 


Just a reminder that we generally do have practice, rain or shine! HOWEVER what we don't play with is thunder and lightning. If we hear thunder, we will pull all the kids out of the pool (or not get them in it) and wait 30 minutes from each subsequent thunder...   more

PRACTICE CANCELLED TODAY / Rain policy reminder!

Hey Stingrays! 


Just a reminder that we generally do have practice, rain or shine! HOWEVER what we don't play with is thunder and lightning. If we hear thunder, we will pull all the kids out of the pool (or not get them in it) and wait 30 minutes from each subsequent thunder / lightning strike.

As...   more

This week for the Stingrays - please read to the end

This message brought to you by team sponsor Signs Now (Team Dad Mason Lessley)

Welcome to the 2017 Steeple Station Stingrays!  Whether you are a returning swimmer or new to our team, we are glad you are part of the team this year! We are finishing up our second week of practice and already seeing improvement as the swimmers get used to being back in the water. Swim...   more

Important Reminders

1.  Practice starts tomorrow  All practices are at Steeple Chase until school is out.  Here's the schedule"4


Monday - Thursday...

  • 3:00-4:30 PM – 13/14 and 15 & up (swim from 3:00-4 PM /dry land from 4-4:30 PM, make sure to bring shoes)
  • 4:00-4:25...   more
Steeple Station Stingrays - Practice Starts tomorrow!

Hey Stingrays! 

I hope everyone is getting as excited for the season as I am! It’s going to be another one for the books, and I can’t wait to see all my returning swimmers’ faces and welcome our new Stingrays.

As I’m sure everyone knows, practice starts tomorrow! Here is the practice schedule, which is also posted on our website (under...   more

Spirit Wear

We've extended the deadline to order spirit wear to Monday, May 8th.  Please look at the attached flyer and order form.  Return orders and payment to me by Monday night.  We do have team t-shirts in stock and they will be available while supplies last.  Be sure to check out the shorts and jackets.  Help support the Stingrays by purchasing spirit...   more

2017 spiritwear flyer
2017 spiritwear order
Last chance for Spirit Wear

We've extended the deadline to order spirit wear to Monday, May 8th.  Please look at the attached flyer and order form.  Return orders and payment to me by Monday night.  We do have team t-shirts in stock and they will be available while supplies last.  Be sure to check out the shorts and jackets.  Help support the Stingrays by purchasing spirit...   more

2017 flyer
2017 order
Important - Registration Update


Thanks to everyone who got their forms and payments in on time.  I am in the process of sending emails to those of you who haven't completed everything.  If you know you owe me forms or paperwork, please don't wait on my email.  Also, it's no too late to register.  We still have spots in all age groups, just please register as soon...   more

Important Reminder

It's not too late to sign up for summer swim but a late fee kicks in after Sunday.  Please get those registrations in.  Remember, even though you register online, you still have to turn in paper forms and a check if you don't pay online.  Forms and payments can be dropped off or mailed to 1600 Hampton Hollow Drive, Lawrenceville 30043.

There's...   more

Stroke and Turn Judges needed

We need more trained Stroke and Turn Judges.  It you are interested, keep reading!  If you are taking a class, please let me know so that I can enter your name on the league site to that you get credit for it. 

Training this year is online.  They are being done as GoToMeetings.  Information is listed below.   

Directions for...   more

Registration Deadline is approaching

Swim team registration is well under way but it is not too late to register your child for summer swim.  Please remember that ALL forms AND money are due to a board member by April 30th or there will be a $40 late fee assessed.  If you need forms emailed to you, let me know and I will be happy to send them.  You can mail the forms and checks to me at 1600 Hampton...   more

Registration update

We had a great registration weekend!  Thanks to all who came by and turned in forms.  A special thanks to Kerry Kruegler, Kathy Lorenz, Kent Lorenz, Tare Hammond and Coach Thomas for all of their help this weekend.  I couldn't have done it without you!

Several of you have registered online, paid online but not turned in forms.  Please email me...   more

Happy Registration Weekend!!

Just a quick reminder that registration is today, Saturday, March 25th and tomorrow, Sunday, March 26th.  We will be at the Jefferson Station Clubhouse from 1:00pm until 4:00pm both days.  This will be your chance to pay fees, turn in forms, try on swimsuits, and order spirit wear.   Both the Liability Waiver and Release Form and the Concussion form must be...   more

Registration reminder

Thanks to everyone who has already registered online.  This is a reminder that we need everyone to preregister and we need everyone to come to Registration Weekend on Saturday,March 25 and Sunday, March 26.  We will be at the Jefferson Station Clubhouse from 1:00 until 4:00 both days.  This will be your chance to pay fees, turn in forms, try on swimsuits and...   more

Sad News - Angie McMahon

Hello Stingrays,


Some of you already know that the McMahon family from our team has suddenly and tragically lost Angie McMahon on Sunday. She is the mom of swimmers Maggie and John, as well as their sister Kerry (Maggie's twin), and she is the wife of Mike McMahon. They live in Berkshire at Sugarloaf, directly across from Peachtree Ridge High school. ...   more

Team Sponsors ...  

Signs Now - Mason Lessley

Kerry Kruegler Photography - Lori Curl

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